Jetlink Express Airlines


Jetlink Express Ltd., a Kenyan-owned company, is a travel service provider flying between Southern Europe and Eastern Africa. Its model is composed of attentive and high quality service and on time performance while at the same time maintaining a low, affordable price for the benefit of the travellers. Apart from passenger aircrafts, Jetlink also offer cargo services to selected destinations around the globe.


Jetlink mainly travels and operates domestic flights to four countries in Africa; Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Tanzania.

Domestic Flights in Kenya

  • Eldoret
  • Kisumu
  • Mombasa
  • Nairobi
  • Wajir


  • Hargeisa

South Sudan

  • Juba


  • Mwanza
  • Dar es Salaam

General Information


Jetlink’s services mainly focuses on domestic and regional travel markets. It travels through a well managed flexible route, allowing necessary alterations on flight frequency as demand for travel constantly changes. It takes pride in its maximum flying time of 3 hours from its hub to its destination.

As of present, Jetlink Express Ltd. Possess one 79-seater Fokker-28 aircraft and seven 50-seater CRJ aircrafts that travels domestically.


Jetlink Express entitles to its passengers a free allowable check-in baggage of 20kg per person.

Weight Allowed on Board

Jetlink allows customers to bring hand-carry baggage into the cabin with a maximum size of 55-cmx35cmx25cm for each traveller.

In-Flight Baggage Restrictions

Management of Jetlink Express Ltd. prohibits a list of articles and goods that may be considered dangerous. Such items are not allowed to be carried on cabin as hand-carry baggage. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Air Transport Association (IATA), through its Dangerous Goods Regulations presents a list of items considered prohibited.

Antique items, firearms, swords and the like may be accepted into the aircraft as check-in baggage only or upon the discretion of the management, provided that it shall never be brought into the cabin. Money, jewellery, electronic gadgets, and other valuables are advised to be hand-carried rather than checked-in, for proper safe keeping.


Seating requests are to be made during the booking of the flight. Although requests are honoured, particular seats are not guaranteed, as it may be altered if necessary for safety and security purposes. Reservations must also be reconfirmed on or before the date advised by the airline personnel, so as to guarantee the booking of the flight. Reservations are non-refundable, so it is strongly advised to adhere to the allotted date and arrive on time if not earlier for the designated flight.

Special Needs

Passengers who will require special assistance must notify the management immediately at the time the flight was booked. This will allow the management to have enough time to do necessary preparations to accommodate passengers with special needs.

Cargo Planes

Apart from chartered services and passenger flights, Jetlink Express Ltd. also provides cargo flight services to various destinations around the world. Customers must make necessary arrangements with the management weeks before the said flight date to allow personnel to make necessary preparations as needed to render good quality service.